Fokelien and Jan are both pilots, harmoniously alternating as PIC.

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Jan Koornneef and Fokelien Wijngaarden retired to South Africa in 2010 and brought their Dutch registered Comco Ikarus C42B, PH-3T8, with them to Robertson, W.C. Their airplane was initially serviced by Iain Charles, the highly qualified aircraft mechanic who built most of the C42ís in this country. However, with the departure of Iain for Australia, this collaboration was regrettably lost.

In early 2012, Jan & Fokelien became aware that the Comco factory in Germany was looking to strengthen their presence in Southern Africa. During a visit to Mengen-Hohentengen, we fully endorsed the emphasis of the Comco management on quality and integrity in the delivery of services to current and future C42 customers.

The last piece of the puzzle to fall into place was the migration to the Robertson area of Vincent Seagrave, Approved Person with Category A, B & C-ratings and former owner of a Vereeniging based AMO. As a result, the Ikarus Flight Center South Africa could become a reality.

From our spectacularly attractive location at the Robertson Airfield in the Western Cape, we are committed to provide fast, efficient service at competitive prices delivered with a truly personal approach.

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