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Ikarus Flight Center South Africa

C42 Bravo: easy to fly and without bad habits, this aircraft is a well proven trainer and ideal for African rough field operations. At the same time, drag reduction has given the C42B exceptional range and efficient cruise performance.

The C42 Bravo (LSA) is an innovative, modern, two seat light aeroplane that sets standards for comfort and handling. Developed in Germany by COMCO-IKARUS, the aircraft is registered South Africa through BCAR(S) A8-1 approval. Offering a unique combination of innovative technology and simplicity, the C42 provides unequalled value and performance.

The airframe is built of aircraft-grade aluminium, with a composite cabin and fuselage shell leading to an impressive power to weight ratio. A rugged hydro-pneumatic landing gear further contributes to the STOL capabilities.

Light wing loading and high lift flaps makes for safe approach speeds and remarkably easy landings. At 48” (122cm) wide, the comfortable cabin is 10” (25cm) wider than a Cessna 152, with contortion free access through dual clamshell doors. Standard electric trim control on top of the central control stick are combined with dual throttles for pilot and co-pilot operation; the flap control is centrally located.

The wing consists of tubular front and rear spars (ribbed and braced) with one piece pre-fabricated GT foil covering. Strong, but light, the wings can be easily folded or removed for transportation or storage.

The Rotax 912 four stroke power plant, available in both 80 & 100PS versions, is the industry’s standard for advanced light aircraft and is favoured by owners and operators for reliability, low fuel consumption, high time between overhauls and quiet operation.

A brand new C42B LSA will be available in South Africa by September 2012 for introductions and demonstrations. Supported by an organization fully dedicated to the C42 aircraft, our aim is to increase market share in Southern Africa to the level this uniquely competent aircraft deserves.